Imagine: Boehner Has Even Smaller Balls Than Obama
Bill Quick

Obama Has Nullified the Legislative Branch – The Rush Limbaugh Show

They gave a little bit of blame to the Heritage Foundation and Jeff Sessions, but primarily blaming talk radio, and actually blaming House leadership for being afraid of talk radio, was the Wall Street Journal.  What did Boehner say?  Boehner said that the primary reason we’re not going to proceed with immigration reform is “widespread doubt that the administration can be trusted to enforce our laws.” People said, “Oh.  Oh, okay.  Ho-hum.”  Now, that’s not a ho-hummer to me.

Rush is right.  The real problem here is that the Speaker views himself as being powerless to force the President to enforce the very laws his House writes, which is, of course, the President’s constitutional duty.

Bill Quick

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