Bunch of Losers Plan to Keep Right On Losing
Bill Quick

American Crossroads: Our polls show Senate is “up for grabs” « Hot Air

American Crossroads, a PAC that raises money and campaigns for Republicans…

Actually, it doesn’t.

American Crossroads is one of the Karl Rove outfits that raises money and campaigns for “moderate, centrist, Bush-style” Republicans, and gives conservative GOP candidates the back of its hand.

American Crossroads – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In the 2012 election campaign, American Crossroads spent about $105 million in independent expenditures, and Crossroads GPS spent $70.8 million.[5] The Center for Responsive Politics found that American Crossroads spent money for or against 20 federal candidates in 14 election contests, with 3 of its preferred candidates winning…

Three of twenty.  That’s a hell of a win percentage.

I don’t want to take American Crossroads’s advice about anything, thanks.  And based on its record of backing winners, any candidate should think twice about even taking money from them at all.

Although judging from recent reports, they may not have all that much money to give.  Losing has consequences, you know.

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