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CNN poll: More Americans still blame Bush for poor economy than blame Obama « Hot Air

Anyway. In case you’re excited about a Jeb Bush run for president, re-read this post and think hard.

I don’t know how else to say it. The Bush name is toxic, whether it’s attached to a George, or a Jeb.

I know this probably doesn’t make any difference to the people who thought running Mittens Romneycare against Barry Obamacare, and you can see them already telling themselves soothing stories about how a Hillary candidacy will “defuse the dynasty issue.”

Listen up, shit sandwich dumbases: It isn’t that Jeb is part of a dynasty that’s a problem. It’s that the Bush family have been horrible Presidents, and there is nothing indicating the Jeb wouldn’t be at least as awful.

McCain was a throwaway. He was next in line, but everybody knew he couldn’t beat either Hillary or Obama. But Mittens was nominated on the premise that the Gentry could live with him, and that even a dwarf swamp rat could beat Obama.

Wrong again. They still think that money – their money – governs all, and that if they decide on a candidate, that is all that is necessary for him to win. The thought that they need to find somebody that the base might want to vote for barely impinges on their radar.

Let me spell it out: I won’t vote for Christie. I won’t vote for Jeb Bush. I won’t vote for Marco Rubio (I can’t trust him). I’d vote for Ted Cruz. I’d vote for Mike Lee. I’d vote for Rand Paul. I might vote for Scott Walker.

You want my vote, GOP? Up to you.

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