Scamnestus Interruptus: Boehner Pulls Out – Or Was He Pushed?
Bill Quick

With Anger Building, Boehner Puts the Brakes on Amnesty

In the hours before Boehner made his surprise announcement, lawmakers and aides had told Breitbart News that early discussions had begun about whether to force a special leadership election in the event Boehner moved forward with immigration legislation.

“It’s going to require blood if this happens,” one GOP member said.

Piffle, or actual?  They failed to boot his ass over the “fiscal cliff” travesty.  And some congressmen are saying they haven’t heard a peep about this new effort.  Not that they wouldn’t lie about it, of course.

Still.  It’s painfully obvious that every time Boehner thinks about scamnesty, he gets major tingles down his thigh and reflexively reaches for his groin.   So something must have made him pull back like this.

Put enough conservatives into Congress this fall, and maybe we can get rid of him that way.  Although I’d prefer not to see him reelected at all, one way or another.

Bill Quick

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