Poverty Pimps Slip, Reveal Truth
Bill Quick

Community Organizers Mau-Mau Trader Joe’s, Conserving Portland’s Food Desert – Investors.com

The Left: Grocer Trader Joe’s has pulled out of a planned expansion to a poor area in Portland, Ore., after a community organizing group objected. The organizers can now take a bow for the neighborhood’s loss.

Hectoring the private chain with racially tinged language, wealthy poverty-racketeers from a foundation-funded group called the Portland African American Leadership Forum claimed that a $2.4 million store on a vacant lot in a run-down part of northeast Portland would gentrify the area, driving up retail prices and driving out the local black community.

And there you have it:  A revealing look at how the poverty-pimp overseers of the Black Democrat Plantations really view those who they claim to support and protect:  The natural, authentic, and preferred state of blacks in America is grinding poverty and eternal life in the ghetto.

Bill Quick

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