Um, Duh. Er, Derp.
Bill Quick

Althouse: “Together, these weaknesses led to the biggest Obamacare derp storm of the year.”

Duh” was big in the 1960s, by the way, when it was a shortened form of the original — do you remember? I remember! — “uh buh duh.” I’m guessing at that spelling. Was it ever written? Maybe it should be spelled “ubbaduh.”

Actually, I don’t remember that. Admitted, I was pumping a lot of mind-altering substances into my body, legal and illegal during those years, but no. I don’t remember “uh buh duh.”

How about you, fellow geezers? Ring any bells?

Maybe it was a regional thing.

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  1. I didn’t start my mind altering drug experiments until 1967, at the age of 22. I never heard of the of ‘uh bah duh.’ But wasn’t there an ancient (older than me) newspaper cartoon idiot, that said ‘duh.’

  2. I think I remember “duh,” used in the sense “stupid,” or “stupidly obvious,” and I certainly recall when it morphed into “d’oh,” which I always thought was a duh change in the first place. I don’t recall where “duh” originally came from, but then, I don’t remember where “like, man, wow” arose, either.