Boehner: I Shall Eat With Both Hands
Bill Quick

Boehner, Undeterred, Moves Forward on Immigration

On Tuesday, Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell told reporters immigration is just not in the cards in 2014. Last Thursday, rank-and-file House members sent a loud message at that President Obama is not the partner for legislation, spooking even top proponent Paul Ryan.

The editors from National Review, Weekly Standard, and numerous other top conservative pundits have urged the Ohio Republican to cut it out.

However, since the GOP retreat last week, Boehner has just kept marching along.

“I think leadership’s focus and my focus is to get [immigration] done as early as possible,” said Rep. Jeff Denham of California, who Boehner recently met with on the issue.

Of course he’s going to pursue Scamnesty.  He’s bought and paid for.  What does he have to worry about?  By this time next year, he’ll have a cushy job in some vast K-street law firm, or running some huge “conservative” foundation.

He’s carried the Ruling Party’s water for twenty years.  Now its time for him to cash in, and boy, is he ever.

Bill Quick

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