Mind-Numbing Persiflage and Flummery: Obamacare’s Secret Weapon
Bill Quick

The Obamacare bailout battle – David Nather – POLITICO.com

The latest Republican attack on Obamacare is powerful and simple: “no insurer bailouts.”

But never fear, Democrats are ready with a response: “Well, that’s not really what it is. The provision in question is actually called ‘risk corridors,’ which is a mechanism for compensating health insurers in case their actual costs are at least 3 percent higher than their projected costs. But it’s only temporary, until they get better data on who their customers are. And if their costs are lower than they expected, they actually pay the government. And besides … ”

You see the problem.

Zzzzzzz…huh?  What?  Sorry, I passed out for a second there.

Nobody will give a shit, except for wonks on both sides of these issues.  Our representatives know what is going on.  That’s what they have staffs for.  The question is what they will do about it.

My guess is nothing.  Well, beyond shrieking repeatedly, “Insurance company bailouts” at the top of their lungs as they run for reelection.  Probably bankrolled by the very insurance companies they’re screaming about.

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Bill Quick

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