Sure Obama’s Claim Is Bogus, But You Have to Be a Lot Smarter Than the Average Democrat to Understand Why
Bill Quick

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“What is wrong and embarrassing is the President of the United States reciting a massively discredited factoid.”

Because the useful idiots of his coalition believe it.  And that’s all the reason he needs to lie – the lie is useful.

Not to mention than none of the Democrat hacks with bylines will call him on it.  The other reason is that in order to understand why the claim is bogus, you have to understand a bit of math and some statistics.  That lets out two-thirds of the American people, and seven-eighths of the lefties right from the start.

Bill Quick

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Sure Obama’s Claim Is Bogus, But You Have to Be a Lot Smarter Than the Average Democrat to Understand Why — 1 Comment

  1. I get pissed off every time I see that. In my fields, engineering and software development, the only study I’ve ever seen that properly accounted for things like total hours worked in the career (adjusting for both hours per week and maternity leave) and type of degree showed that women were paid more than men by about 7%. And even that number didn’t take into account the dramatic propensity to promote women, whether to get them away from productive work where the less-skilled can do a lot of harm or to make the numbers look good to government or other auditors.

    More broadly, that “77%” study is old, old, old. The economy has changed just a little in the past 30 years, or 40, or just however many years it’s been. And one key change is that an awful lot of teens are going to college, women in greater numbers than men. And guess what? Not all college degrees are the same. I’m sure it’s all just some conspiracy to keep women down, but employers tend to pay more to holders of STEM degrees than to holders of “Studies” degrees. (Don’t fear, Studies majors with six-figure college debt. I’m sure the government will come in and mandate equal pay for equal credentials.)