NASA Could Screw Up a Wet Dream
Bill Quick

Is the Relationship Between NASA and Private Space About to Sour? – Popular Mechanics

Is heavy NASA involvement a bad thing? After all, NASA has a deep knowledge of manned spaceflight systems, with some hard lessons learned about safety and assurance. And it is paying the bill.

Which is why we need a truly private space industry.  Google, Apple, or Microsoft could fund the entire private effort out of spare change.  NASA is, and has  been, a boondoggle for years, insular, inbread, afflicted with the statist Iron Rice Bowl mentality, and at the mercy of political winds and congressional vicissitudes.

Private enterprise made this country great.  We need to start building that again, for ourselves.  Tell the government to fuck off.  And if Microsoft, say, would like to risk some of the tens of billions in cash it is sitting on, becoming the major space lifter looks like it could become a major profit center.

Bill Quick

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