She Doesn’t Sound All That Tightly Wrapped to Me
Bill Quick

Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick announces:

“Privacy for Me and Not for Thee”: My Book on Snowden is Out at Amazon and Scribd – Wired State

Rather, I use the term “Snowden Hack” instead, and even indicate there’s a movement directed precisely toward the Snowden Hack because I think that’s how it works more cunningly and more indirectly: that anarchist coders, some of whom have colluded with Russian or other hostile intelligence, wittingly or through “false flag” operations, have planned and executed and assisted this NSA hack over a period of time.

Speaking of false flag operations….

Catherine A. Fitzpatrick – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Catherine Ann Fitzpatrick (born 1956 in Ravenglass), also known under her pen name and virtual worlds pseudonym “Prokofy Neva” (shortened to “Prok”),[1][2] is a former human rights activist, Russian–English translator, former journalist, blogger and commentator on human rights issues, Russia, democracy, technology, virtual worlds (particularly Second Life) and online games, and anti-communist activist. She has worked for several human rights NGOs, and is a former research director at Human Rights Watch, the former editor of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty‘s radio magazine “(Un)Civil Societies,” and the former Executive Director and Chief Representative to the United Nations of the International League for Human Rights. She has written on psychiatric abuse in the Soviet Union. She has translated 30 Russian books by authors such as Joseph Stalin, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin, and several USSR Politburo members. As a technology commentator, she is a self-described critic of “Google, the Internet, Web 2.0, the open source movement, technocommunism, software cults, singularity and other geek religious doctrines.”[3] In gaming, she is most widely known as a critic of Woodbury University‘s Second Life campus. Fitzpatrick is based in New York City.

A anticommunist activist.  You don’t suppose she might have some connections to, oh, the CIA, do you?

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