Nadella In, Gates Out at Microsoft?
Bill Quick

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) news: Bloomberg: Microsoft to name Nadella CEO, thinking of replacing Gates – Seeking Alpha

Bloomberg reports Microsoft (MSFT) is preparing to name server/cloud product chief Satya Nadella its next CEO, and is thinking of removing Bill Gates as chairman. Lead independent director John Thompson is said to be under consideration for replacing Gates.

Nadella, head of a product group that has arguably represented Microsoft’s biggest success story over the last decade, has frequently been mentioned as a leading CEO candidate.

Reuters reported in October three top-20 Microsoft shareholders wanted Gates to resign, arguing he’ll block the company’s next CEO from making needed changes.

I think a lot depends on what they think those “needed changes” are. The same sort of chorus from disgruntled Apple shareholders kicked Steve Jobs out of his own company. How did that work out for them?

Guys like Jobs, Gates, Ellison, and similar giants are one in ten million.  Discard them at your peril.

Bill Quick

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