Of Course Afghanistan and Iraq Are Both Failures – In Terms of Winning the War On Terror, At Least
Bill Quick

Pew: Majority of Americans believe Iraq, Afghanistan wars failed « Hot Air

No surprise, if you consider that the purpose of both wars was supposedly to defeat Islamist terrorists and win the war on terror.

If so, there is no other way to describe the outcome of either effort as anything other than an abject failure.


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Bill Quick

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Of Course Afghanistan and Iraq Are Both Failures – In Terms of Winning the War On Terror, At Least — 4 Comments

  1. From another perspective, the edge of the American military is like nothing else in the world. Recent cuts, especially to the Navy, have done a lot of damage, but I’d still back the American military against the rest of the world.

    (Political will to use the military effectively as a military rather than as a traveling kumbahyah force, on the other hand…)

    • The military didn’t fail. The American leadership failed. Had GWB said, “Of those who are against us, destroy their regimes,” and then stepped back and let them do it, we’d be living in a vastly different, and better world today.

      Remember how they told us before the Iraq invasion that Iraq would be really tough to defeat? And yet we went through them like a cleaver through a goose, even with one hand tied behind our backs (the prong of the invasion sidelined by Turkish Islamofascists).

  2. Imagine if we invaded and conquered North Africa in 1942 – 43 and then stopped and declared victory. At which point we set up several “democracies” and then left. Shortly afterward these “democracies” were infiltrated and taken over by a fascist “insurgency” supported by Germany and Italy, who were left untouched as long as they agreed not to attack or invade Britain.

    Would we have “won” the Algerian and Libyan Wars?

    Iraq and Afghanistan were campaigns. Tactical military operations functioning as part of a larger war. Of course, until they weren’t and they became the “War” themselves and the end game goals became “democracy” in those two places while leaving the main Islamofascist Theocratic Tyrannies in place and emboldened.