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Bill Quick

BRUCE: Is the GOP deliberately trying to sabotage the 2014 midterms? – Washington Times

There is one other reason why Republicans may be acting strangely as we head into what should be another astounding GOP midterm victory: They may not want to take the Senate.

Consider the situation they would find themselves in: In control of Congress, they would have to act on promoting the conservative agenda, and that would mean actually having to stop Mr. Obama. Why else, when the truth of the liberal agenda and its failures are handing a November victory to the GOP, would their pet project for the year suddenly be immigration reform?

Perhaps the current GOP leadership prefers things as they are: not enough power to do anything conservative of consequence, while watching (and applauding as House Majority Leader Eric Cantor did during the State of the Union) the liberal agenda, including de facto amnesty, become the law of the land.

I’ve been saying for a while that the Gentry GOP would rather lose elections than see conservatives win them.  They don’t regard their fellow Ruling Party Democrats as a threat, but they do see conservatives that way.

And they are probably right to do so.  We’re going to have to destroy the GOP establishment before they destroy the party as a whole.  That is, if we want to save the party.

I’m not all that sure we want to do that, though.  Maybe it’s time for a whole new page.  Make you a prediction:  The conventional gospel is that a third party – or a second party replacement for the GOP – is an impossibility.  But if we get one charismatic leader to start the uprising, you may be shocked at how fast the whole Gentry GOP house of cards falls apart into ruin.

Bill Quick

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