A Lot More Gentry GOP Will Be Dead to Me Shortly
Bill Quick

Exclusive – Ted Cruz: House GOP’s Amnesty Push Will Ruin Hopes of Retaking Senate

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) thinks that the House GOP leadership’s renewed push this week to grant amnesty to illegal aliens would destroy the Republican Party’s chances at retaking the Senate in 2014.

They’re making a calculated gamble – that dissatisfaction with Obamacare will sweep them back to power no matter how much treachery they ram down the throats of their unwilling conservative base.

But I think you’re probably right, unless we can unseat some of the RINOsaurs pushing this monstrosity in the primaries and then elect conservative replacements to the Senate.  By that I mean that they may succeed in ramming it through right now, but if we can put enough of the right sort of conservatives into play in the races, we may be able to retake the Senate from both the Democrats and the Gentry GOP Rinosaurs.

But even if we don’t, and the Gentry GOP is unable to gain control of the Senate, they don’t care. The Gentry willl still have their slots at the trough, and the people who pay their bills will be happy. For them, nothing else really matters.

No Republican who casts any sort of vote for this, whether preliminary or final, will ever receive any support from me again of any kind. Hear that, Marco “Lying Treacher” Rubio?

Goes double for the rest of them.

I seriously believe they have no idea of the firestorm they are unleashing upon themselves.  You’d think with all the recent history, from GWB on, they would, but…these people live in a bubble, and one of the effects of that bubble is that it makes them really stupid.  Suicidally so, in fact.

Bill Quick

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