To Bad They Didn’t Do So In 2008, When It Might Have Made a Difference – Or 2012, For That Matter
Bill Quick

Ron Fournier on the State of the Union: “Diminished Leader… Americans May Have Already Tuned Out Barack Obama”

Ace sez:

I can’t weigh in on whether it was a “good speech.” I strongly doubt that. But I didn’t watch. At 1:30 am or so I went to bed and turned on the TV and the speech was replaying on Fox. I heard Obama say something — I forget what, but he used his Stage Whisper fake drama voice — and I cursed “F*** you” at the TV.

I brushed my teeth and didn’t hear much more than I had the first time. When I came back out, he said something else clingy, desperate, and false, and again I said “F*** you,” then I turned him off my TV and watched something else for twenty minutes.

Odd. ¬†I’ve been doing (and saying) the same thing for nearly five years now. ¬†Apparently a lot more people are joining up with me of late.

Bill Quick

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To Bad They Didn’t Do So In 2008, When It Might Have Made a Difference – Or 2012, For That Matter — 1 Comment

  1. Would be really, really nice to think that that might translate into more people – even, maybe, a majority of the ones who actually vote – deciding they’d really rather have some elected folks who know how to reverse this national-level impending train-wreck we’re on, and who will actually do so…but that’s probably not possible, right?…