But…He Didn’t Talk About the Settled Science…!
Bill Quick

The Pull of the SOTU | National Review Online

If President Obama — or any president this far into his second term — went out and said, “look, I’m going to keep this short” and gave a real 20 minute speech with a beginning, a middle and an end – about the state of the union – it would be a huge hit.

Nah.  In order for it to be a “huge hit,” huge numbers of Americans would have to tune in – and they won’t.

As for the small minority of policy hacks and wannabe wonks, such a speech would not offer them the red meat they so desperately need:  Public affirmation that an important leader like POTUS is actually giving their most heart-felt fantasies the attention and support they are so certain they deserve.

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Bill Quick

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  1. an important up-and-coming leader dictator like POTUS the SCOAMF


    And, yah, Li’l Adolf is talking about unilateral power regardless of what Congress does. Brings a tear to an old statist’s eye, it does.