Through Six Feet Of Snow, Uphill Both Ways, and Barefoot
Bill Quick

Second Round of Below-Zero Temps Arrives in Chicago Area | NBC Chicago

Wind chill values could sink to -45 degrees Monday night

Piffle.  Here’s the “cold snap” that drove me out of Chicago and back to San Francisco in March of 1985:

Chicago’s record cold in January 1985 | Chicago Weather Center Blog

But, five days before you were born, on the morning of Jan. 20, the official thermometer plunged to minus 27 degrees, the city’s lowest reading ever, and coupled with strong winds, wind chills hovered near 80 below zero. Readings did not break freezing the rest of the month, which closed with a low of minus 12 on Jan. 31.

That was the storm/cold snap in which Lake Michigan overflowed onto Lake Shore drive and covered it with a sheet of ice a foot thick, and the beach behind the Drake Hotel was sucked into the lake and disappeared.

Yes, I went to work every one of those days.  I was running the lounges at the Chicago Marriott on Michigan Avenue at the time, and we had a hotel full of people terrified to go outside.  Not that they could go anywhere.  The buses were frozen solid along the sides of the roads, all the airports were closed except for stranded travelers huddled in the public areas, and you couldn’t find a cab anywhere.  I don’t recall if the El was running – I think it was, but erratically.

I’ve seen colder raw temperatures in Denver, but never a wind chill like that.  And I never want to see it again.

My sis, thirty miles out of Chicage, says they’re looking for 40-45 below zero wind chills tonight.

Stay warm, y’all!  (I actually had to wear a hoodie on my bike ride today.  We’re shivering with you out here on the Left Coast!)

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