Will George P. Be The First Real Conservative In the Bush Family?
Bill Quick

The Next George Bush – Christopher Hooks – POLITICO Magazine

Despite that statement, Bush hasn’t, in fact, asserted himself as a mainstream conservative, instead using the heated rhetoric of the Tea Party. At the Pasadena event, he closed by telling the crowd that they “deserve a future that springs from the wells of freedom dug deep under the ground by the founders of our great republic and the heroes of 1836”—a nod to the Texas revolution.

First off, Politico hack, the Tea Party is the mainstream of conservatism.  The current leadership of the GOP isn’t conservative in the traditional meaning of the term at all.

Second, maybe the generation of Bushes represented by George P. is the first in my experience to show some promise.  However, he’s scarred with that Bush name.  Let’s see what he looks like twelve, fifteen years down the road.  But the history of that name is a might big cross to bear – and a mighty big liability to live down.  At least as far as real conservatives are concerned.

Bill Quick

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