Thoughts On Watching the Morning News on the Boob Tube
Bill Quick


Some yammer-brained teacher serves pot in a dish at a private pot-luck (Poisoned her fellow teachers – many sickened, one hospitalized!), and the ninnies are wringing their hands about the possible “effects” on students returning to school this morning.

There was a big house fire.  Oh, my gawd, a fire.  A big fire!  News Two is on the scene!  A fire!  Oh, my gawd!

Some whackjob kid made some bombs.  He was arrested for possessing a “weapon of mass destruction.”   We’re interviewing his former friends here in California from two years ago!  They don’t know a damned thing.  But we’re interviewing!

His current roommate says he set off three little “bombs” – which sound like cherry bombs or somesuch – and that he was stupid, but not crazy or violent.  He just liked to make things that went boom.  As I did, when I was 12 or 13.  I didn’t know it, but I guess back then I had weapons of mass destruction myself.  

Also:  Traffic backups in the Bay Area!  Oh, my gawd, traffic backups!”

Is our news media this trivial, or is it us?

Oh, and endless drought, world coming to end!

UPDATE:  They’re wondering why she served pot at a pot-luck  You know, it could be just that simple.

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