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Iran’s nukes are no joke – Daily Inter Lake: Frank

And once Iran inevitably joins North Korea and Pakistan as a nuclear power, it will be too late to do anything. The “Axis of Evil” that President Bush talked about in 2002 will not just be a political slogan, but a fact of life that will ultimately unleash the havoc that evil always spawns.

At that point, American naivete will not be a joke any longer, but a historical error that will rival the willfully blind optimism of another “statesman” — Neville Chamberlain — before World War II. A price will be paid. Mark my words.

Yeah, George W. Bush – from the Patriot Act and the mad-dog NSA to the Bend-Over TSA, to a nuclear North Korea and now a nuclear Iran – so many great accomplishments.  Why blame Obama, when all he’s doing is continuiing in the great traditions established by G.W. Bush?

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