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Bill Quick

Duty and the Taint of the Tell-All | National Review Online

Letting the public know about the most intimate trivia of the executive branch raises another paradox. No one wants to read about the boring minutiae of most Cabinet meetings, even if that is what administration officials mostly endure. So instead it is the rarer juicy stuff we flip pages to read about: bureaucratic backstabbing, profanity-laced temper tantrums, or the weird habits of foreign leaders. But aren’t those less common revelations precisely what the world would be better off not knowing about until well after an administration is out of power?

I honestly don’t know what drives this (mostly conservative) lust for secrecy about our Ruling Class.  Is the public “better served” by being kept in the dark about the details and personal proclivities of the men and women who purport to rule them?

There’s an old saying about treating people like mushrooms – keeping them in the dark and covered with shit.  Hanson has pretty much staked out the cranky old conservative bull demographic as his own, but that doesn’t make his desire to keep a curtain tastefully drawn over the lapses of the Ruling Class any more attractive.

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Bill Quick

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