The Administration’s Sterling Record On Poverty
Bill Quick

The Administration’s Sorry Record on Poverty | RealClearPolitics

The president wants you to forget all that and now consider the plight of the poor. Sadly, he hasn’t done a very good job there either. That’s because his own actions as president have made the poor worse off.

Reducing poverty has never been a major priority of this administration. It’s hard to point to a single major legislative achievement of his that has improved the lot of the poorest Americans. If anything, he has spent his first five years appeasing the key groups that make up the Democratic Party and his governing coalition.

I think how you evaluate this record depends on your point of view.  The best critique is simple:  “Barack Obama must love the poor:  He’s created so many of them.”

And that is exactly right.  Poor people are the nourishing meat of the state.  How can the state help, if nobody needs help?  The progressive project has created a permanent culture of entitlement that embeds tens of millions in poverty, utterly dependent on the largess of the state, and hence utterly subservient to its authority, power, and to the political party that represents that authority and power:  Barack Obama’s party, as it happens.

In other words, if you think the Obama administration is trying to lessen poverty, you have it exactly backwards.  Beggars are easier to control, and that’s what Obama and the Democrats want:  Lots and lots of beggars.

Bill Quick

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