Shocker: Cook Says Apple Servers Are Clean Clear Through!
Bill Quick

Apple’s Tim Cook: ‘There is no backdoor. The government doesn’t have access to our servers’

Apple isn’t colluding with the NSA to hand over user data and CEO Tim Cook wants you to know that. In fact, Cook feels so strongly about this issue of security that he’s gone on record saying the government would need “to cart [Apple's employees] out in a box” to get access to its servers.

That choice soundbite comes from a sitdown interview, airing tonight on ABC, during which Cook elaborates on what he sees as public misperception stemming from the recent NSA scandal. To counter that, Cook said he’s been “pushing very, very hard” for more transparency into Apple’s internal practices, a move he hopes would help to set the record straight with the general public.

Uh huh.  Of course, what else is he gonna say?  That the NSA’s living inside his server farms like Michelle inside a size small designer gown?

Couple of questions:  Would he even know that NSA had cracked his servers?  And even if he did, would he admit it?  (Given that it’s probably “against the law” to finger the NSA like that?

Bill Quick

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