People Don’t Trust Cops? Imagine That.
Bill Quick

Prosecutor: Colleagues of gym teacher who molested boy refused to aid probe | Fox News

I would say that many teachers and administrators at several schools where this guy had taught wouldn’t talk to us at all,” Rossi said. “We ran into cold shoulders all the way around.

They would say things like ‘nothing happened here’ and ‘I don’t know anything, I don’t want to talk about anything. “One person even told a police investigator ‘don’t call me again.’ Some were even rude.”

Rossi said he has no reason to believe that anyone on the school staff had any direct knowledge of what occurred, but added that the investigation was more difficult than it had to be because of the lack of cooperation.

“They could have talked to us about practices and protocols,” he said. “These were people who could have helped us understand what the normal practices were in the school when this was going on. That would have helped us understand how this teacher had access to this kid. There were plenty of people who wouldn’t even tell us those neutral things.”

Because there have never, ever  been cases of out-of-control fraudulent charges of child molestation ginned up by eager prosecutors and cops along with angry kids looking to get even with adults they don’t like.

No, I wouldn’t want to be a teacher these days, especially a male teacher.  A few lying words out of one angry kid’s mouth, and you’re ruined forever.  This kid was apparently telling the truth.  But how many aren’t?

I especially liked the weaseling “No reason to believe…” caveat from the cop.  I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken much for them to find some reasons, though, especially if somebody said what they thought was the wrong thing.

This was once a nation where people thought the police were their friends, and trusted them.  That nation is long, long dead.  And the police themselves did as much as anybody to kill it.

Bill Quick

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  1. “And the police themselves did as much as anybody to kill it.”

    I suspect that the police did far more than anybody else to foster the “us vs them” mentality that is so prevalent with “law enforcement” people these days. They see themselves as some sort of higher beings, the Elect of the world, who deserve special consideration.

    When the opposite is true. Police officers who do wrong don’t deserve lenient treatment because they are police officers; they should be flayed alive on TV _because_ they were granted extraordinary powers, and need to be held to a higher standard.

    But nobody these days is held to ANY standard.