Don’t Talk To Cops. That’s What Lawyers Are For.
Bill Quick

A Democrat lawyer’s view of just where Bieber went wrong « Hot Air

Actually, any criminal defense lawyer would tell you to never talk to the cops in an arrest situation.  Nobody ever talked a cop who wanted to arrest him out of doing so.

Jazz is beong an idiot here.  Or an ignoramus, although I’m not sure there is much difference.  You have the right to keep your yap shut.  Use it.

BTW, Beiber may be nowhere as guilty as he’s being made out to be:

Justin Bieber — Cops May Have Fudged Police Report |

We have now confirmed Justin’s actual blood alcohol level … it was .014 — next to nothing.  Legal intoxication is .08.  Law enforcement sources told TMZ Thursday Bieber had a .04 …  but we’ve now confirmed that is NOT true.  He had a .014 — an enormous difference.

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