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Who reads books in America, and how? – Boing Boing

The Pew Internet and American Life project has released a new report on reading, called E-Reading Rises as Device Ownership Jumps. It surveys American book-reading habits, looking at both print books and electronic books, as well as audiobooks. They report that ebook readership is increasing, and also produced a “snapshot” (above) showing readership breakdown by gender, race, and age. They show strong reading affinity among visible minorities and women, and a strong correlation between high incomes and readership. The most interesting number for me is that 76 percent of Americans read at least one book last year, which is much higher than I’d have guessed.

My guess is that there is a fair amount of lying going on. ¬†Admitting you haven’t read a book in the past year is tantamount to admitting that you’re a dumbass.

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  1. A book a year? Ha.

    I took 12 days off over the Christmas break last year. Over that period I read 7 books, half a dozen short stories and 6 academic journal articles — or 7 if you count the book chapter on “Teleology and Embryogenesis in Aristotle’s _Generation of Animals_ II.6″. Oh, and all 8 extant volumes of the Invincible comic book hardcover collections.

    If I only read one book a year I’d go insane from all the free time.