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Blog: RNC ‘primary reform’ aimed at the base

These changes will also have unintended consequences – like conservatives may coalesce around one candidate early. That will be difficult but if successful, it could be curtains for the establishment candidate. The last two election cycles, McCain and Romney were successful because it took months for candidate attrition to lead to a one on one match up with a conservative. While the right was fighting it out among themselves, McCain and Romney kept piling up the delegates until they had a prohibitive lead. Imagine if the right were to choose one candidate to support before the primaries even begin?

“Moderate” morons like Moran likely view this scenario with horror, but I’ve been calling for conservatives to take this tack for a while now:

Is Ted Cruz the Only Viable GOP Candidate in 2016? Yes. Next Question? | Daily Pundit 7/24/13

I’ll be hoping that Cruz is able to pre-empt the GOP field with massive early primary victories. If the Republicans can present him as the candidate of a relatively undivided party, they will win an epochal victory in November of 2016. Anything less, however, will likely doom them to another four years in the wilderness.

Articles like these from Moran and his ilk make it quite clear that the Gentry GOP would rather lose elections than see conservatives win.   And by the way, Romney wasn’t “weakened” by the long primary season.  He was a weak candidate to begin with and the primaries did nothing to change that.

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