War Comes When You Least Expect It
Bill Quick

China-Japan Conflict Could Lead To War – Business Insider

Someone Just Said Something About The Japan-China Conflict That Scared The Crap Out Of Everyone

As you know, in line with the Generations take on the near future history of America, (Generations: The History of America’s Future, 1584 to 2069), I’ve been predicting some sort of major global conflict within the next five years or so.  This could very well be where it starts.

The juxtaposition of this with something else Glenn Reynolds linked today seems quite ominous:

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KORI SCHAKE: What really causes international conflicts? It’s not what you think. “A central tenet of realist theory is that states seek to maximize their power; Blainey makes no claims to state motivation; he considers it unimportant. Perceptions of relative strength, rather, are the motivation for warfare.” If correct, that’s bad news for America at this particular moment in history.

Bad news for America.  And China.  And Japan.  And a hell of a lot of other people, too.  Because the only way that China provokes Japan in this way is because it believes America is too weak to matter much in the equation of relative forces and power.

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