Philip D. Chism faces new charge of raping popular Danvers High teacher Colleen Ritzer

Missing from the article’s headline is the word murder. Possibly boston.com’s audience knows that the little psychopath raped and killed his teacher.

Missing from the article is if I had a son, he could look like Philip.

If ill-intentioned folk were trying to set up conditions where black Americans were wiped out by an overwhelming majority which was sick of crime* and perception** of economic parasitism, what would they be doing differently?

Oh, and black “leaders”? Do more to rein in your feral children. People are getting tired of them. And you’re outnumbered.

* That’s an old article, but still current.

** Numbers are very difficult to nail down, at least from google searches in the time I was willing to put into it, but it looks like white people get more, per capita, in government spending than do black people. This is driven by large sums being delivered to rich people in one guise or another. I wasn’t able to tease out per capita numbers for people with a net worth under, say, a million, broken down by race. Regardless, the facts don’t necessarily change the perception.


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  1. QE is not ghetto juice. It does get squeezed from the middle class though.

    High yield and EM stocks in local currencies do bubble up.

    Tapering has produced the distant rumbling of thunder.

    Don’t fight the Fed, up or down