Showing a Gun to a Politician Is Like Showing a Cross to a Vampire
Bill Quick

Colorado town council votes to repeal open-carry ban in meetings, city planners vow to walk | The Raw Story

Many, if not all, of the planning commissioners for the town of Castle Rock, Colorado may quit their jobs after the town council voted on Tuesday to allow guns to be openly carried in public buildings and parks.

Last week, Castle Rock Planning Commission acting chair Michael Fronczak notified the town clerk’s office that “many on the Commission have expressed that they would feel unsafe serving as a Commissioner if open carry were permitted.”

“It is likely that many, if not all, members of the Planning Commission would resign because of the increased possibility for intimidation and/or violence,” Fronczak wrote.

Oh, you know, the usual:  Goodbye, good riddance, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out…

Wonder why they’re so terrified of the people they’re supposed to be “serving?”

(via Tim Starr – thanks!)

UPDATE:  I suspect there is a good deal of truth to the notion that an armed society is a polite society, and the Ruling Class hates having to be polite to the great unwashed who are expected to approach them on their knees, begging for mercy.


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Showing a Gun to a Politician Is Like Showing a Cross to a Vampire — 3 Comments

  1. Are not “members of the Planning Commission” by definition the kind of political parasites, toll-takers, curruptocrats and and sleazemongers who generate public hatred and voter anger because of their interference and should be inhibited from participation in the first place? This is a FEATURE that should be implemented across the spectrum. If you can’t vote them out, maybe at least we can scare them out.

  2. Confession: I have served on two Planning Commissions.
    They (the commissions) are like any other public forum. You have the good, the control freak gestapo, and the quasi-corrupt, in it to further their businesses folks. However, usually the biggest problem is the Planning Department that brings issues to the commission. It is made up of planners. And planners, plan, control, write regulations, and deal with zoning.
    If the Planning Department is corrupt, they can facilitate a lot of unfortunate development. But in most cases they over-regulate, over-legislate, and follow the letter of the law whether federal, state, or local.
    I am not surprised that it was the PC that objected, but I would bet they were led by the Planning Department.