Super Bowl Threatened by Global Warming
Bill Quick

Super Bowl XLVIII Snowstorm? Weather Model Suggests Something ‘Major’ « CBS New York

The NFL could move the big game to Saturday or even Monday or Tuesday if a major storm slams the area.

Traditionally, the Super Bowl was either held in warm winter climes in the South and West, or in domed stadiums.  They may go back to that now.

Bill Quick

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Super Bowl Threatened by Global Warming — 4 Comments

  1. Before my time, but prior to the combined game between the leagues, both the NFL and AFL championship games were played in the home stadium of one of the teams, the site determined by alternating between the 2 league divisions each year, so there was a good chance back then that the game would be played in bad weather.

    On a related topic, Oh, man.

    All known broadcast tapes which recorded the game in its entirety were subsequently wiped (recorded over with different content) by both NBC and CBS to save costs. The networks commonly wiped sports tapes at the time, not knowing how important the Super Bowl would become in future.

    I like watching football being played in bad weather–especially in snow–from my COUCH. You’d have to pay me to attend.

  2. Well, it wasn’t before my time, and considering that Green Bay, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh and the like were NFL powers, the championship game was often played in frigid conditions. In fact, most of the NFL teams of that time were in the midwest and northeast – and none of them were exactly balmy in December (when the championships used to be played – twelve game seasons, you know).

  3. True, though it looks like the NFL championship game crept into January the season prior to the one that preceded the first Super Bowl. The last time it was held before Christmas was 1951. I wonder when they started having sideline heaters? Even the frozen tundra at “Lambert” Field is supposedly heated these days.