No Right to Privacy For Politicians
Bill Quick

Cuomo’s ‘anti-gay’ remarks provoke reminder of ‘Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo’ campaign signs – BizPac Review

Although Koch was right — it was no one’s business but his own — remarks like that set tongues wagging, and allegedly prompted the elder Cuomo to use the gossip to his own advantage.

Actually, Cuomo’s sexual orientation certainly was the business of the voters from whom he sought votes.   Voters have a right to know any and everything about a candidate they need to make up their minds whether they want to vote for him or not.

You want to keep your privacy?  Remain a private citizen.  You want my vote?  Answer my questions about you.


If that doesn’t meet the younger Cuomo’s definition of “anti-gay,” I’m not sure what else would.

Well, a caller to Mark Levin’s show today swears that he personally heard Andrew Cuomo hmself shouting that slogan along with the crowd at a rally at St. John’s during the campaign.  Would that qualify?

Bill Quick

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