Hit Him Again, Harder! Harder!
Bill Quick

Fallout: New poll shows steep drop in Christie’s numbers in New Jersey after Bridgegate « Hot Air

If that doesn’t change substantially before the GOP primaries, how does a guy who’s underperforming the previous nominee in his own state against a non-incumbent make the case that he’s Mr. Electable?

Well, he never was Mr. Electable.  At best, he’s a replay of McCain/Romney – a last-gasp survivor of the GOP primary process who is then doomed to lose in the general because conservatives sit on their hands.  His primary claim to electability was that Democrats supposedly liked him, but as is demonstrated time and again, when Democrats are faced with a choice between a “likable” Republican and a Democrat, they choose the Democrat every damned time.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that Christie will be taken out of the political mix by this mess, so that he doesn’t have a chance to screw up the candidacies of much better men – including those I’d actually vote for – a group in which Christie himself is not included.

Bill Quick

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