WTF? Why Is Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Hassling Citizens In Movie Theaters?
Bill Quick

MPAA & ICE Confirm They Interrogated A Guy For Wearing Google Glass During A Movie | Techdirt

Okay, now onto the point. As we said in the initial post, this certainly fit with the MPAA’s insane “guidelines” to theaters and their “zero tolerance” policies towards anyone possibly recording anything. However, the involvement of ICE is particularly insane.

We’ve been particularly critical of ICE and the group’s over-aggressive campaign to seize websites based entirely on Hollywood’s say so. Even so, it seemed incredible that ICE would take direction from the MPAA on something as small as a guy in a movie theater, rushing to the theater to help with the interrogation of someone there, but we underestimated the willingness of ICE to say “how high” when the MPAA says “jump.”

Yes, we should know better by now, but we thought we’d actually give the MPAA and DHS the benefit of the doubt here. Our mistake.

For all you state-sucking progtard govbots out there, is this what you envision as a duty of Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents?

Talk about mission creeps.  Actually, lets just talk about creeps.  Like these guys.  And the libtards who support them.

Bill Quick

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