The Feminist Exploits of Wendy Davis
Bill Quick

Why Wendy Davis’s résumé issues matter

From the comments:

I find it interesting that she allowed her husband to cash in a 401k and take out loans to pay for her Harvard degree, left the kids with him, then filed for divorce as soon as the loan was paid off. A victory for feminism!!

Actually, if you understand feminism, you’ll understand why this would be regarded as a victory.

Feminism, just like the racialist movement in America, is a movement of empowered entitlement designed to punish those perceived as oppressors for their sins.

So – all white people should be expected to pay reparations of every kind to all black people…forever.  Likewise, all patriarchal males should pay reparations of every kind to all women…forever.

Real feminists will look at Davis and say, “Good for her.  It’s about time we sisters exploited the men for a change!

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Bill Quick

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