No Tyranny Ever Did One Whit to Lessen Its Own Power
Bill Quick

Obama goal for quick revamp of NSA program may be unworkable, some U.S. officials fear – The Washington Post

U.S. officials directed by President Obama to find a way to end the government’s role in gathering Americans’ phone records are deeply concerned that there may be no feasible way to accomplish the task soon, according to individuals familiar with the discussions.

In a speech last week, Obama put the Justice Department and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in charge of developing a plan by March 28 to transfer control of the massive database of records away from the National Security Agency — a step aimed at addressing widespread privacy concerns. But even among U.S. officials who applauded the recommendation in principle, there is a growing worry that the president’s goals are unattainable in the near future, officials said.

Note that nobody is saying they will cut back or stop piling up the records. And if there’s one thing a half-century of experience with the American government has taught me, it is that if it has the knowledge of something, that knowledge will somehow, some way eventually be put to nefarious use.

But this is a phony argument, given that neither Obama, the Democrats, or the Republicans have any intention of reining in the NSA (and all the other alphabet agencies) and their ubiquitous surveillance programs. All of them are potentially far too useful to the Ruling Class in its quest for more and more power and control over the American people.

Bill Quick

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