Jeff Bezos Just Surprised Me, But I’ll Bet He Shocked the Hell Out of the Left
Bill Quick

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Wow.  I’m gob-smacked.

I don’t think there is a hope in hell this could ever have occurred without Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post.

What this means in the real world is that overnight a center-right view of legal matters is going to be front and center every morning with the legislators who write those laws.  This is an immense increase in reach, power, and influence for our views. 

In D.C., the general view is that if it isn’t in the Post or NYT, then it didn’t happen, or it doesn’t exist.  But now the views of the Volokh Gang, in all their more or less libertarian glory, will be front and center on the breakfast tables of power.

Bravo.  I looke forward to Harry Reid being slapped in the face with the views of Randy Barnett on a daily basis.

Bill Quick

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