Naming Names
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You may have noticed the decision some time ago on the part of the weather morons to give winter storms names, like hurricanes. There is no reason for this, other than the desire of the weather morons to grab more of your attention than they get, which, in their opinion, is not enough. Therefore, we will no longer be told that we are “in for a classic nor’easter,” but rather that “Winter Storm Hercules Targets 60 Million People.” Hercules. Shit. That sounds bad. Will it rain dead lions?

Here in New York City, we are now in the early stages of (by my count) the second fairly normal snowstorm of the winter. It’s going to drop 4 to 6 inches on us in a twelve hour period or so. Plows are already out. Traffic is light. It’s pretty out.

But this is a “winter storm.” So it has a name. It’s name is — “Janus.” Okay, go ahead and grin; you’re right. Its first name is Hugh.

What f++king morons.

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