Turncoat Megalomaniac Charlie Crist Acquires New Puppet Master
Bill Quick

Creepy Obama Campaign Manager Joins Creepy Crist Campaign | Jammie Wearing Fools

This  campaign may lead the nation in weird this election cycle. President Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina is joining Charlie Crist’s gubernatorial campaign in Florida, the candidate revealed Monday. Crist, a Democrat, made the announcement in a tweet.

Note what isn’t mentioned:  Crist, a former Republican governor turned Democrat (after getting his ass kicked by Marco Rubio)….

“Gov. Crist was obviously very helpful to the 2012 re-elect. He did whatever we asked and was very helpful giving strategic advice,” Messina told the Herald.

Beneath the skin of every RINO lurks the beating heart of a leftist Democrat.  Good to know that Crist behaved like a good little Democrat dick puppet in 2012, though.

Gotta admire the principle of the man, though.  He’s never wavered one inch from the principle of his own crazed ambition for as much power as he can get, by whatever means necessary.

Bill Quick

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