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Bill Quick

Feds Interrogate Man Wearing Google Glass in Movie Theater | Betabeat

Based on this strange tale, here are some things we should probably establish:

1) AMC needs to learn what Google Glass is, set out a policy as to whether its patrons can wear it or not. Yes, it’s pretty weird and suspicious that this dude was wearing Glass to the movies. Why would anybody do that, if not to film the movie? But having the feds remove a man from his seat mid-movie is pretty shitty, when what he’s doing isn’t expressly prohibited in the first place.

2) Law enforcement officials should make an effort to keep up-to-date on the latest technological advancements, so they don’t unintentionally behave like dodos.

3) Not that we couldn’t guess this before, but Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is probably a movie that you should not go see.

And based on this lamebrained, suck-tit “reporting,”  here are some things we should probably establish:

1)  Much of the tech press consists of leftist fucktard hipster douchebags.

2)  Hipster douchebags tend to suck the dick of the state.  Rather than recommending that movie theaters and LEOs “keep up to date,” how about recommending that those who commits atrocities like these be fired, jailed, and/or sued into penury?

3)  Hipster douchbags themselves should keep up to date:  This particular example, in his zeal to bash Google Glass, apparently didn’t know that prescrsiption versions have been available for a while now – which would answer the question, “Why was he wearing these awful, uncool things in a movie theater?”

4)  If you haven’t noticed, I’m getting really, really tired of hipster douchebags.

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