Conservatives Spring to the Defense of Krispy Kreme
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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie may not have passed his first major challenge since the cornucopia of scandals that surfaced over a major traffic jam created for political retribution. MSNBC´s Chuck Todd declared Christie´s presidential hopes “done” if donors believe he will be the person he has been this week. Todd, who was on Morning Joe to describe the way Christie sources told him the Governor appeared on his Florida fundraiser tour this weekend, had a dire report on Christie.

It’s not surprising that a radical left media hack like Todd would say something like this.  Hell, he’d say it even if he knew it was a lie.  But he could be right.  I hope he’s right.

That’s not what I found interesting, though:  I took this from noted conservative news site, and the commenters on this post were mostly uniform in their defense of Christie – even if they can’t stand him.

In other words, pretty easy to manipulate, it seems to me.  If RINOs like Christie can gain status and cred with conservatives simply by having the left attack them, well, you can see what sort of motivation might suddenly be in play, eh?

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