Golden Oldie: At NSA, The Watchers Will Watch the Watchers
Bill Quick

NSA: No one “had a full understanding” of 2009 call-checking program | Ars Technica

Larry Abramson, a national security reporter for National Public Radio, put his finger on one of the key problems with the way that the NSA’s entire oversight is conducted. Judges—as well as the public—have to simply trust that the NSA is being truthful when it comes forward with egregious errors.

“Doesn’t this just as much show that the court doesn’t know when you’re not complying with the RAS list unless you tell them?” Abramson asked. “In other words that they can’t see into the program as it’s working?”

Litt essentially agreed but didn’t seem to have any problem with the way that this system is set up. “I think the court has said and acknowledged that they have to base their information on what is presented to them,” he said.

The govbots constantly reassure us that we have nothing to fear from the NSA’s (and other agency’s) vast spying operations, since they are monitored and controlled by the likes of the secretive FISA courts.

Then it turns out that the FISA courts don’t have a clue what is going on unless and until the NSA chooses to tell them.  

Sleep well, comrades.  You’re in the best of hands.  

Bill Quick

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