Instapundit Commits the Sin of Pointing Out the Truth About Snowden’s Situation
Bill Quick

Can whistleblower protection benefit both public, private sectors?

Reynolds: I do. There is something called the Whistleblower Protection Act from 1989, and it was recently amended to give it a little more strength, but it really doesn’t do very much. It only applies to federal whistleblowers anyway. I think that it ought to be something people can claim as a defense when they’re charged with crimes for blowing the whistle and things like that.

I think that we want a situation in which people who really have something serious to blow the whistle on don’t fear that their life is going to be ruined as a result of doing the right thing.

Oh, pshaw, Glenn.  The Snowden haters tell us he had absolutely nothing to fear from the US government by exposing its depredations in the name of security, and so should have gone directly to that government to expose it.

Get with it, Glenn.  Say it with me:  Traitor!  Traitor!  Traitor!

And then have a heaping helping of metadata.

Bill Quick

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