Half a league, half a league, half a league onward

I am not posting this to provoke anyone. It is merely more information and food for thought in our struggle against the statists and their agenda.

Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy

Codevilla cuts immediately to the core: the United States today is divided into (a) a ruling class, which dominates the government at every level, the schools and universities, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and a great deal else, and (b) all of the rest of us, a heterogeneous agglomeration that Codevilla dubs the country class. The ruling class holds the lion’s share of the institutional power, but the country class encompasses perhaps two-thirds of the people.

Another long one so allow yourself some time for reading and reflection.


Half a league, half a league, half a league onward — 1 Comment

  1. I would be wary of commentators telling you what Codevilla says and means, rather than simply going to the man himself, reading him, and deciding for yourself his relevance to whatever issue he is being paraphrased about.

    Further, it’s no mystery to anybody paying attention that we do have a class war going on in America (although it varies, depending on how you define class – the net worth north of $400 million possesed by the Robertson family makes them easily of the “One Percent” financially) – but the real isssue regarding the Ducks was where the power was being exercised against them from. Was it GLAAD, snapping its fingers and getting the patriarch fired? Or was it A&E itself, which managed to ignore the “all-powerful” gay organization as soon as it realized a significant amount of its own money was at risk?

    Groups like GLAAD make wonderful lightning rods for controversy, but what they really do is serve as convenient distractions from those of the Ruling Class who exercise real, rather than Potemkin power in America.