Higher Education Bubble: Fraudulent Essay Mills To Become More Acceptable?
Bill Quick

Custom Writing Service Says Students ‘No Longer Have to Face the Burden of Academic Coursework’ | CNS News

A Dallas-based company that writes research papers, essays and other classroom assignments — so students don’t have to — says it is doing so well that it has expanded its staff from just a few writers to more than 100 in the past year.

The company bills itself as the one “students trust to write professional, in-depth and plagiarism-free essays that receive the highest grades for all levels of coursework…so they no longer have to face the burden of academic coursework.”

This sort of thing has been around forever – it was rampant when I was in college half a century ago – and it used to be considered anathema. ┬áBut given how high school and college diplomas have been reduced to the level of critically necessary affirmative action entitlements (as long as you can afford to borrow the money to pay for them), and since many (most?) affirmative action students couldn’t pass a single course, let alone earn an actual degree without them, I expect they will soon become just one more winked-at crutch that allows the unqualified to pretend they are educated, knowledgable, and qualified to receive a degree.

Bill Quick

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