I Guess We’ll See Who’s Stronger
Bill Quick

Exclusive — SC Tea Party Convention to Show America a Better Way Forward

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — Joe Dugan, the executive producer of the South Carolina Tea Party Convention, told Breitbart News minutes before the convention was to officially begin that his goal with this program is to shape the narrative for the Tea Party movement moving forward in its battle against the political establishment in Washington, D.C.

“We are disgusted with Republican leadership,” Dugan said outside the convention center at the Springmaid Beach Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Dugan added that the policies of President Barack Obama’s administration, particularly the push for amnesty and the political targeting of Tea Party groups by the IRS, can only be stopped by grassroots Americans.

“The Chamber of Commerce announcing they’re going to spend millions of dollars to defeat Tea Party candidates in this year’s elections is abominable,” Dugan said. “All they are after is amnesty for illegal aliens and cheap imported labor from foreign countries. And they’re doing that when there are unprecedentedly high numbers—92 million I believe—of Americans out of the workforce.” “There is a different way,” Dugan said.

Hmm.  Doesn’t sound to me as if the Tea Parties are going to roll over and play, dead for the Gentry GOP who are trying to destroy them.  In fact, it sounds to me like they plan to destroy the Gentry first.


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