Parents Buy Kid a Hobby Degree
Bill Quick


Why I Let My Daughter Get a ‘Useless’ College Degree: A new study from the Federal Reserve offers more evidence that my humanities-loving child will graduate with lots of debt and not so many job offers. And I’m OK with that.

Yeah, well, your kid isn’t graduating with lots of debt. You are, since you admit later that you and your hubby are picking up the tab.

Most kids aren’t lucky enough to have parents who will let them squander high-five-figure sums picking up a degree that will qualify them to “write for a food blog.”

Bill Quick

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Parents Buy Kid a Hobby Degree — 2 Comments

  1. A large part of the reason I’ve been so broke lately is I’m helping my sons with college costs. As I’ve told them several times, the only reason I’m helping is because they’re both in engineering school. If they were pursuing degrees in international relations, well, you’re on you’re own, kids.