50 Ways to Celebrate Mooch’s Birthday
Bill Quick

ABC Swoons: 50 Ways to Celebrate Michelle Obama’s Birthday | National Review Online

In preparation for the first lady’s 50th birthday on Saturday, ABC News has served up a fawning list 50 ways to celebrate the occasion.

And how can we here at Daily Pundit do less?

I’ll start:


1.  Find a Sasquatch or a Wookie and shoot it.

2.  Poison the delicious, nutritious servings of vegetarian tofu burgers on 21-grain bread infesting the nation’s school lunch steam tables.

3.  Take a twenty million dollar vacation on the taxpayer’s dime.

4.  Take a selfie of myself groping the Danish Prime Minister.

Nemo?  Anything?

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Bill Quick

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    • I thought the research paper was a joke until I downloaded the PDF and read the summary. My take-away from the summary:

      It is important to note that it is impossible for me to generalize these findings for all Black Princeton alumni because the sample for this study was much too small to make any kind of generalization.

      IOW, it was worthless, with only 8 citations in the bibliography.

  1. My Christmas present from myself to myself this year was: “You don’t ever have to think about Michelle Obama again.” So far, it’s the best present I got.

    Early on in the Obama administration, the NY Times ran a photo of a grinning Michelle dressed to the nines in a designer outfit holding a rake. The caption advised us that she was breaking ground for the new White House “eat local” vegetable garden.

    I couldn’t help think about one of the opening scenes in “American Beauty,” where we see Annette Benning, similarly clad, tending her garden, as Spacey narrates in a voice-over: “See how the color of the handles of her tools match her boots? That’s no accident.”

    I bear no animus to Michelle. She’s along for the ride and knows it; bless her. If she’s superficial, or vain, or sometimes just silly, and if she loves the good life, wants approval and suffers from an overly generous assessment of her own abilities and skills, so what? She’s not president, and I don’t think he’s asking her for any advice.

    I wait for the day when the republic outlasts Obama. Perhaps then, some of those who voted for him, whose hopes he dashed with a casual banality, will echo Hamlet:

    “Thou wretched, rash intruding fool, farewell! I took thee for thy better.”