Surprise! San Francisco Public LIbrary Now a Homeless Shelter
Bill Quick

Sen. Feinstein meets with Mayor over vandalism, violence at… |

A series of incidents including violence and vandalism at San Francisco’s Main Library has gotten the attention of U.S Senator Dianne Feinstein. KTVU has learned that Feinstein met with Mayor Ed Lee to discuss the problem after she sent an aide to go in the library to see the problem first hand.

Senator Feinstein describes the main library as a treasured cultural institution that belongs to the people of San Francisco. The senator issued a written statement to KTVU reading:

“Unfortunately, I recently heard complaints from several people about activities at the library that seriously undermined its mission and the enjoyment of all visitors.”

“It’s a shame. We all pay for this. This is taxpayers’ money,” said Robert Lee who visits the library with his three school age children several times a week. The library has long been a haven for the homeless.

And this has been deliberate.  As normal library usage has dropped in the face of the Internet as a research tool, the bureaucrats in charge scrambled around to find a new “mission” for the department, and came up with the notion of transforming the libraries, especially the new central library, into “homeless outreach centers.”

So where library security used to roust the stinking, mumbling drug addicts, alcoholics, and lunatics out of the building, now they encourage them to make themselves at home.  Public computer banks are devoted to their porn searches, and public restrooms become their bathrooms.  This has been going on for years, and I’ve been inveighing against it nearly as long.

Now DiFi has “discovered” the situation?  And leftist Mayor Lee is going to “do something about it?”

Maybe I’ll drop by today on my bike ride and shoot a few pics.  But I’ll bet nothing will change in the long run.  This is San Francisco, after all.

Bill Quick

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